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Don't drive angry! (And other tips from our Long Beach auto body shop)

Ever been this-close to getting in a car accident just because a crazy driver tried to prove a point? Or have you found yourself so worked up in traffic that you find that you're the aggressive driver? Here's a fun (actually very annoying) list of behaviors that are frequently spotted on the road. See how many you have encountered recently.

Don't be any of these types of drivers. Avoid these drivers and you'll avoid being in a car accident. Recognize any of these driving around Long Beach?

road rage and bad drivers

The frequent lane-changer & tailgater

Ever driven with a car that is constantly buzzing around like a fly, changing lanes, tailgating and narrowly missing fender benders just to get ahead? Then you pull up right behind them at the next red light or in the lane next to you on the 405. It sounds laughable but this kind of driver puts a lot of people in danger. What can they possibly be that much of a hurry for? Just let them though to harass someone else.

The deliberately slow car

In contrast, this driver holds up traffic and doesn't care who's around them. It's even worse when they're on a freeway in the left lane, forcing other drivers to pass on the right side. Then there are the texters who think that they'll be safer going slower while they're texting their spouse their dinner preference on the way home.

The double parker

With so much parking in California how is it possible that anyone has to double park? Obviously this driver must be more important than the rest of us because they simply can't waste time finding actual parking. Again, this behavior forces other drivers into oncoming traffic or other dangerous situations just to get around them.

The high beamer

When driving at night, it's natural to turn your headlights on. What's not natural is getting blinded by a driver with their high beams on. They're either oblivious that their headlights are too bright or they might have them on because their regular headlights are broken. Just get the headlights fixed!

The honker

Some drivers need to be heard. Maybe they are just venting steam, expressing their frustration in a situation. More and more often it's to get a distracted driver moving when they're texting or talking at a red light and don't notice when it goes green. Both drivers are dangerous!

The no-way-you're-getting-in-front-of-me driver

There are drivers who leave a few safe car-lengths travel distance between cars but when you try to change lands in front of them - they'll just speed up to block you. They're the ones who simply can't stand the blow to their ego letting anyone in, they'd rather get in an accident. Don't try to force yourself in front of someone like this. It'll only end in a crunch.

Signals? Who needs signals?

There are some drivers that think that if no one's around they don't need to signal. Or maybe they're only turning right so there's no need to signal. Or they just don't think it's important. Not using your signals is the perfect way to get rear-ended. Mind reading is not a skill taught in traffic school so the rest of the drivers on the road are forced to guess and hope they don't wind up in an accident.

Bad drivers and road rage seems to be a way of life here in southern California. If you happen to be on the wrong end of a bad driver, let us help fix your car. We assist with the insurance and repair process and get you back on the road with a smile.

Call us at 562-426-2639 to schedule your repair or estimate.

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