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What are Your Top Concerns with Auto Body Repair?

Lots of our customers have questions when they drop their cars off with us. We pride ourselves on explaining the collision repairs, the process of repair and what the customer can expect along the way. Here are the top collision repair concerns we often hear about at our Long Beach shop.

The Look: Paint

The one giveaway that a car may have had repair work done is a paint match that's off. You won't find that here! We use luxury paint brand BASF Glasurit 90 Line to ensure a glossy finish and perfect color match. Glasurit is a water based finish that is low in solvent content and perfect for eco-friendly California.

To ensure a perfect color match our highly trained technicians start with the manufacturer's paint code. In many cases the color matches on the first try but due to oxidization and factory imperfections the painters use their tint techniques to get the color just right. The painters use spray out cards to test the color before applying it to make sure that it will match.

Our highly skilled auto collision technicians

The Feel: Driving Safety

Once the vehicle is returned the last thing anyone wants is to feel unsafe. We constantly check manufacturer's repair procedures to ensure that the best materials and auto body repair methods are being performed for the appropriate repair. Our shop consults multiple sources such as AllData Collision and OEM websites for professionals only.

In addition to proper repair procures we have a number of new diagnostic technologies to safeguard that repairs are performed to recommended specifications. We put our 3-D laser frame measuring system, scan tool for electronics and computerized wheel alignment to used constantly. Our technicians consistently receive training on new technologies so we're always on top of the new model vehicle repairs as well as brushing up on repair procedures for all vehicles.

When you get your car back the repairs will be undetectable - just like the accident never happened!

Just like the features on new cars, the auto collision industry is constantly evolving and we are evolving along with it. You'll see that bringing your car to our auto body shop will be like visiting a highly skilled surgeon. We like to put our customers at ease and help them every step of the collision repair process. Call us to schedule your estimate or repair appointment to see why our customers love us.

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