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Holiday driving tips from our Long Beach body shop

The holidays are always crazy with plenty of parties, visits, and of course, shopping. This all adds up to a busy time for our Long Beach collision center as well because the crowded mall parking lots become pretty hectic. With everyone trying to either get in and get their gifts or get home as quickly as possible, there’s an increased chance of getting into a fender bender.

That’s why Craftsman Collision USA wants to share some tips for avoiding mall and grocery store parking lot mishaps during the holiday season. Nothing leads to a broke Christmas faster than a dented bumper or mangled fender right as you’re crossing the last items off your family’s wish list. So take these driving tips into consideration when you head to the shopping centers.

Expect the Unexpected

The holidays can make drivers a little erratic behind the wheel. Trying to find a parking spot can be a test of will and patience, which leads people to pull a U-turn out of nowhere or turn without warning. It’s better to keep your sanity, and your fender in tact, by driving slowly, using your turn signals, and maintaining a safe following distance. And it shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but don’t text or make calls while you are driving around the parking lot. That’s just asking for trouble.

Pack Your Car So You Can See Out

You may end up with some big items in your car, and aside from not wanting to encourage a break-in by displaying everything in clear view, you want to have clear sight lines. Try to fit everything in your trunk so your view is not obstructed when you are leaving the crowded parking lots.

Remember Your Safety Features

As we mentioned earlier, parking spots are hard to come by at this time of year, which means you need to be cautious when backing out. People will wait to take your spot and don’t always give you enough room to get out. Mix in people walking to their cars and you’ve got plenty of obstacles. This is when technology like rear-view cameras and sensors can really be a lifesaver. Using those features and checking your mirrors can be the difference between happy holidays and a trip to our collision center in Long Beach.

Everyone at Craftsman Collision USA in Long Beach wants to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. If you are in need of repairs, contact us today at 562-426-2639.

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