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What is a Pre and Post Scan and Does my Car Need One? Advice from our Long Beach Auto Body Shop

In order to be repaired safely, today's cars require diagnostic scans to detect faults within the vehicle's diagnostic and safety systems. Good thing our shop routinely scans vehicles for these faults and can repair them. New technologies such as ABS, parking sensors, air bags, cameras, collision avoidance, blind spot detectors and many more could deploy, fail or be broken in an accident. At Craftsman Collision USA we have the new equipment and training to perform these scans before and after the repair.

car accident auto body scanning

When involved in a traffic accident your car will store system fault codes in its computer if any of the systems have been harmed. There may not even be a warning light on the dashboard as a result. This is why it's important for us to pre-scan your vehicle before we begin the repair so we are advised of any faults to fix and parts to replace. Once the repair is complete we scan the vehicle again, a post-scan, so we can be sure that your car is back to pre-accident condition and any codes have been cleared and systems re-calibrated.

Automotive industry experts and vehicle makers recommend pre- and post-repair scans. Some auto makers have written policies that scans must be performed by repair shops. Nissan USA's position is that every vehicle must be scanned after a collision repair. Honda and General Motors have all declared that vehicle scanning is mandatory to consider a vehicle safe to drive after a collision repair. We at Craftsman Collision USA are Nissan, Honda, Chrysler, Fiat, Kia, Inifiniti, Ford and GM certified repairers and believe that all vehicle makes should be scanned.

When selecting an auto body repair shop to fix your accident damaged car, it is important to educate yourself and know what questions to ask. Craftsman Collision USA is an I-Car Gold repair facility and AAA Member Preferred Repairer that will help you every step of the way in the vehicle repair. Call us to schedule your estimate or repair drop-off today 562-426-2639

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