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Take your car out for a drive this holiday season

Got some time off this Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season? Take advantage of our great California weather and go for a drive!

We know our state is one of the most beautiful and diverse areas of our country, and it produces some scenic roadways to connect it all. Whether you’re cruising the coast up Highway 1 or heading into the mountains where some amazing National Parks await, there is plenty to be seen right from your car. If you’re planning a road trip outside of Los Angeles any time soon, you may want to considering hitting one of these scenic drives mentioned by as one of the 10 best drives in the country.

Route 66

Perhaps the most famous road in the USA, Route 66 connects Chicago to our hometown of LA. While maybe you’ve driven on it around town, going out and exploring the inland areas might yield some views you’d not expect on this legendary road that was originally finished in 1926.

Lombard Street

Another street just about anyone in California will recognize, this is a short drive, albeit a challenging one to navigate. The reason it made the list is that the short hairpin turns are unique and no other road in the country exists quite like it. Pick your time to drive it carefully as there can be a long line just to drive down this winding road.

Big Sur

No surprise that this stretch of Highway 1 made the list. Anyone who has driven it can tell you it’s worth it. The cascading coastline, the towering bridges, and scenic wooded areas will take your breath away. It’s the rare road where land, sea, and sky all meet. It’s only 85 miles long, but it’s worth taking a whole day to explore.

Angeles Crest Highway

This one is close to home, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver in terms of scenic driving and interesting roads. This two-lane road cuts into the heart of the San Gabriel Mountains with twists, turns, and steep inclines that will amaze and, perhaps, frighten you too. This is a challenging road to drive and offers little space for error on the sides of the road.

Joshua Tree Journey

Not too far from LA is this scenic drive starting at Palm Springs. From the I-10 pick up CA 68, better known as the Twentynine Palms Highway and head east towards the town of Joshua Tree. The 89 mile route through the Mojave Desert passes many cactus and spiky Joshua trees, through rocky terrain which is home to big horn sheep and mountain goats. There are many short hiking trails to palm groves before reaching Cottonwood Canyon and the I-10, east of Coachella.

Enjoy these scenic drives around California, but be careful out there! If you are involved in an accident and need dependable auto repairs, give Craftsman Collision USA a call at 562-426-2639 and let us take car of the rest.

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