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Aftermarket Parts & Craftsman Collision USA

When you take your vehicle to the car dealership’s service department for repairs, you are guaranteed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts. However, independent auto body repair shops, like our Long Beach Auto Body Shop, have access to genuine OEM, used and aftermarket parts. While genuine OEM parts are great, aftermarket parts can be a great alternative.

An aftermarket part is a part for a vehicle that is not specifically sourced from the car’s maker. If these parts happen to be direct replacement parts, they should not affect your car’s warranty. A large number of companies make parts that are designed to function the same way.

Often, your insurance policy along with the year and make of your car will determine whether we use aftermarket parts. Your premiums and coverage often reflect this. The lowest priced insurance often means aftermarket will be used in the repairs.

If you're paying for repairs yourself aftermarket parts are generally less expensive than OEM parts. How much you save exactly will differ from brand to brand. Shop around to find the best price and to get an idea of how much that part usually costs. If the part seems too good to be true, be sure to ask questions about quality.

The quality of aftermarket parts is usually equal to OEM quality. At Craftsman Collision USA all of our repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty so we will not install parts unless they result in a quality repair.

Aftermarket parts are usually equally as available than OEM parts. So whichever way your repair goes, we will make sure parts come in quickly to speed up your repair.

At our Auto Body Shop in Long Beach, we have a wide variety of aftermarket parts available for the best prices in the area. Be sure to contact us for more information. Call 562-426-2639 to schedule an appointment.

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