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Don't Want a Traffic Ticket? Our Long Beach Auto Body Shop Has Some Tips.

We often talk about how to avoid an accident - which often leads to getting a traffic ticket. But what about simply not getting a ticket in the first place? Most of the stuff you could get a ticket for is the kind of behavior that gets you into an accident anyway. Avoid them both!

avoid a traffic ticket

Choosing the safest lane

Lane 1: The leftmost lane. Everyone knows this as the fast lane. It has the most tickets and the most fatal accidents. Also if you're slower than other traffic in the this lane, you'll likely get cut off by drivers that pass on the right along with some honking and similar abuse!

Lane 2: This is the safest lane with the fewest traffic tickets and accidents.

Lane 3: Often trucks, RVs and large vehicle will drive in this slower lane. You may not get a ticket here but you could get stuck between big rigs which can be dangerous.

Lane 4: If the highway has a 4th lane, this lane has the second-most tickets and accidents, either from people getting on and off the highway or from aggressive drivers using this as a passing lane they duck in and out of traffic.

how to avoid a speeding ticket

Going with the flow and passing

Going too slow can be dangerous but going too fast is speeding, plain and simple. Even if the flow of traffic you're in is going 10 miles over the limit and everyone is doing it, it's still speeding. You have to be pretty unlucky to be singled out for a ticket in this case but remember what we said about lane 2 above? Let someone else set the pace if you want to be less obvious or just slow down.

Passing traffic by speeding up to get around slower cars is still speeding even if you resume the speed limit once you're around them. Yep it's frustrating to get stuck behind a slower car but if you can safely pass them without going above the speed limit, you'll be much better off.

Use your cruise control

Cruise control is the easiest way to 'set it and forget it' when it comes to avoiding speeding. It's even better if you're lucky enough to have a car with adaptive cruise control. Once you set the speed around the speed limit you don't have to worry about accidentally going too fast. You can focus on driving rather than your 'lead foot'.

Get the basics right

And finally the easiest way to not get pulled over for a ticket is to obey the basic driving rules. Use your turn signals. Stop completely at stop signs. Don't drive the carpool lane if you're on your own. Don't tailgate. Make sure your car is registered, insured and in legal working condition. Put your phone down and stop texting. A little patience can save you a lot of headache.

Hopefully you can avoid a traffic ticket and accident. But if you find yourself in a situation after an accident where you need auto body repairs, give us a call at 562-426-2639. We're here to help!

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