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Safer Roads or More Auto Accidents? Our Long Beach Auto Body Shop Looks Into It.

With the Memorial Day long weekend around the corner, there are going to be a lot of people on the roads. We may think it`s safer to drive with longer days and better weather but there are a few factors to watch out for to avoid getting into an accident and winding up in our shop.

According to the Auto Club, there will be almost 35 million people on the road this weekend. Increased traffic will increase accidents. With all the roads and highways through Long Beach it`s best to be vigilant about driving and paying attention to other drivers in the summer.

100 deadliest days of summer: The 100 days between the Memorial day and Labor day weekends are the most dangerous for young drivers according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is because of the 10 worst days for teenage traffic fatalities, nine of them fall between May and August. Two major factors are alcohol and distraction. Make sure that teens don`t drive if they`re partying. Limiting the number of youths in one car and creating a `put your cell phone in the trunk`rule will cut down on distractions.

Careless in the summer: On sunny warm summery days eight in 10 drivers (81 percent) said they were less likely to drive cautiously, reported in a Michelin survey. This includes behaviors like not stopping at traffic signs, not checking surroundings when turning or changing lanes and general speeding. Be careful and wary of the drivers around you!

Road trip fatigue: If you`re driving for hours at a time especially on hot long roads in California take a break before zoning out completely. Stop at a gas station or rest stop for a stretch. If you`re with friends or family, take turns.

Enjoy the long weekend but be careful out there! We hope you don`t need our services but if you find yourself involved in an accident and your vehicle needs repair, we`re here for you.

Call us on 562-426-2639 to schedule your repair or estimate. We`ll take it from there.

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