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Cloudy, Faded Headlights? Our Long Beach Auto Body Shop Can Help

We repair all years, makes and models of cars. And we see lots of customers with cars with yellowy, cloudy headlights in our shop. We usually see this on cars 8-10 years old but it can happens with vehicles as new as a few years old. Why?

Headlight Polishing at Craftsman Collision USA

Headlights are made from polycarbonate materials. This is a strong and tough plastic made to withstand the wear and tear that headlights endure. There is usually a protective coating applied to the polycarbonate but it does eventually wear off. The integrity of the plastic is made to stand up over time but there are other factors at work:

Oxidization: exposure to air and UV rays causes oxidization over time. This is the yellowing that you see in headlights. The best way to slow this down is to garage the car and if it`s outside strategically park so that the front of the car is in the shade. Not always possible, we know.

Road Damage: While driving, your headlights encounter constant road debris that pits and creates pockmarks in the polycarbonate. They are usually not very large individually but as the years roll on the marks create the haze you see on your headlights. Cars that are exposed to more dusty areas like California`s deserts may wear faster. Other than driving less there`s not much that can be done to avoid the damage.

Dirt and Chemicals: Even if a car is regular washed, dirt and chemicals form the roads can build up over time. This creates a hazy film on the headlights, you can use a tool. The best way to prevent this is with regular thorough washing to remove the film.

Foggy Hazy Headlight

All these factors can make it hard to see on the roads at night and you`ll notice that the beam from headlights is dulled and has lost focus. There are at-home solutions but if you`re bringing in your car for repairs we can help!

When you come in for an estimate or drop off for repairs, ask us about polishing your headlights. This is especially important when the damage we`re repairing involves replacing just one headlight. We`ll be happy to get it done for you.

Call us today 562-426-2639 to schedule an estimate or drop off appointment for your vehicle.

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