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De-clutter your car for spring. Tips from our Long Beach Auto Body Shop.

No one likes clutter, especially in the car. If there's so much junk in your car that it's dangerous or distracting it could even cause an accident. Yes, we all let our cars build up with wrappers and clutter from time to time but it's a small space so you should take the time to keep it sparkling. Let's throw away the trash, clean the car and get back to the essentials.

1. First, clean the car. Seems basic right? But it does take a checklist:

  • Take everything out of the car especially trash. (You can add some back later)

  • Wipe down all plastic and leather...dash, console, seats if leather, door jambs, steering wheel, door handles and trim.

  • Vacuum carpet and headliner + seats if they're cloth. It's a good idea to use carpet cleaning powder - it'll help with stains and any funky smells.

  • Clean the inside of windows especially the inside windshield and back glass.

  • Wipe out places where gunk hides like the bottom of cupholders and door pockets.

auto detailing car wash messy car

2. Next, clear out the compartments. This means glovebox, center console and other storage compartments in your car. Do you really need that fuzzy, melted old lipbalm? How about smogcheck paper work from 2012? Nope! Keep essential paperwork like your insurance card and registration but toss the rest.

3. Don't forget the trunk. This is the place where clutter goes to hide. Take everything out, then vacuum and wipe down. It's also a good time to check the spare tire to make sure it's still usable and that the jack is there too.

4. Now you can add back the essentials. In the trunk, you should carry jumper cables, your spare tire and jack. The glovebox is a good place to keep your insurance and registration paperwork as well as a spare pair of sunglasses. You can keep tissues or wipes in the car and there are containers that are made to fit in the cupholders which is handy. If you have kids and want to keep everything together a storage bin or organizer is a good idea to prevent loose toys from rolling around and potentially getting underfoot while you're driving.

You'll feel so good when your car is clean and organized! If your vehicle is in our shop for repairs we always clean and wash the car as part of our service.

Give us a call to schedule your repair at 562-426-2639. You'll drive away with a smile!

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