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Four Reasons You Should Fix Your Scratched Car from our Long Beach Auto Body Shop

Does your car have a little scratch along the door? A ding on the trunk lid? Or maybe it's a small bit of damage that you've been meaning to do something about. These things happen and it's easy to forget about them but they may cost you. If you have any minor issues with the cosmetic look of your vehicle it's better to fix sooner it than let it wait. You set a New Year resolution for yourself...why not your car? We've got some reasons why you should fix those little bits of vehicle damage.

Avoid Rusting and Further Damage

Scratches and dings can expose metal in your car. Unfortunately exposed metal will eventually rust or corrode, damaging the integrity of sheet metal in your cars body panels. Not only that but paint can flake and expose even more of the car. The longer the damage is left, the more it can cost to repair.

Avoid the 'Slippery Slope'

When you have a little blemish on your car it's easy to get used to it. Then maybe something else happens...another scratch or ding. No big deal you think. Then all of sudden your car begins to look a little beat up. Before you know it, you've just fallen down the slippery slope of letting the condition of your car deteriorate. Avoid the slippery slope by getting that scratch or ding repaired in an auto body shop. Fix your car and restore your pride!

Appearance Counts!

Damage to your car looks bad and can even damage your reputation. If your car looks sloppy, maybe your coworkers and neighbors might think the same of you. If you have friends and family over you don't want to have to hide your car because it looks beat up. Avoid negative judgement that can affect you in other ways.

Maintain the Value of the Vehicle

Probably the most important reason to keep your car looking its best is for resale value. Fixing even minor cosmetic issues will go a long way to getting what you want for your car when you're ready to sell, and it'll help sell your car faster. Even if you were willing to take a little less money if your car was damaged, people won't want it in a damaged condition and they'll wonder what else might have happened to it. Repairing it will mean your car shows better in photos and in person, and you can make back what you spent and more when the deal’s finally closed.

You should love looking at and driving your car knowing that it looks as good as it could and retaining as much value as it can for you. If it's not in the best shape and needs some help, call us to come in for an estimate. Give our friendly staff a call at 562-426-2639 and we'll help you every step of the way.

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