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Most Common Accident Sites Shared By Long Beach Auto Body Shop.

Car accidents happen. You are very lucky if you've never had to visit an auto body shop. However, where you drive can raise your chances of getting into an accident. Our Long Beach collision center looked at some reports and stats and found out in which areas most car accidents occur. Unfortunately, they’re in places that you have to drive on a regular basis.

Your backyard

OK, not exactly your backyard but in your neighborhood. It’s the place where most of your drives begin or end and it’s where most accidents occur for drivers around LA. Many experts believe it’s because you get so used to driving the roads around your house or apartment, that you go into autopilot mode. This causes drivers to be less vigilant and not react when a car suddenly pulls out or stops short. Even though you are close to home and know the roads, it’s good to be on high alert, especially in low-light situations.

Parking lots

No brainer, right? You know how hectic and wild it can be trying to find parking at grocery stores and malls, especially around long weekends or the holidays. People try to pull out too fast or fit into spots that are too small and they end up at our collision center in Long Beach. People drive faster than you think in parking lots, either looking to snag a spot or get out of there as fast as possible. Even if the collision happens at low speeds, they can end up with high repair costs.

Stop signs and stop lights

No one likes to just miss the light, and because of this traffic lights can be a dangerous place even if you’re following the rules of the road. Often times the problem is drivers that are running late or think the yellow light will last longer. This can be a problem if the driver in front of them decides to stop at the light. It can also cause a problem if they’re trying to turn at the light and take it too quickly. Remember that these lights are here for our safety as drivers. It’s best not to push your luck when it comes to stop lights so that you don’t end up in our body shop!

Traffic circles

The notorious Los Alamitos Traffic Circle often tops Long Beach's list for overall traffic accidents in the last five years - about 44 each year. Luckily most of these are fender-benders. Drivers have grown used to binary, on-off traffic controls and think signals are more efficient than the "fuzzy logic" that seems to govern roundabouts. Roundabouts require drivers to make their own decisions and assess others' actions, rather than relying on third-party signals. Unfortunately this doesn't always work out.

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