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Sometimes 'fender benders' cause more damage than you think

The term 'Fender Bender' sounds innocent enough, but it doesn’t always represent the damage that can be caused to your vehicle. Especially in a place like Long Beach where there seem to be more cars and freeways than people. It’s nearly impossible to drive a car here without coming away with minor damage - and sometimes major auto body repairs.

The damage on this Jeep doesnt look like much but resulted in over $11,000 in damage including body, frame, mechanical and alignment.

Unfortunately, what looks like surface auto body damage can turn out to be a whole lot more. The damage caused in these low-speed collisions can be surprising. A car out of alignment or with a damaged frame can cause uneven wear on tires or more damage to the vehicle as you drive it. The repairs can be quite costly as well. Under the surface there can be frame and inner body damage that only a shop with the best frame and alignment equipment can detect and repair. We're well equipped to detect and repair these damages and get you back on the road safely.

Fortunately, we repair plenty of fender benders in the South LA and Long Beach area at Craftsman Collision USA, big or small. We can pre-align and measure cars before the repairs to determine exactly what needs to be fixed. Our equipment includes multiple frame machines, electronic measuring systems, an in-house mechanic and wheel alignment. We are also certified by major car manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Lincoln, GM, Hyundai, BMW and more.

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