We'll help with the rental!*

Your car is important to you. That's why we always recommend to our customers to buy full rental coverage just in case you need a car when yours in the shop after an accident.

If you don't have coverage, we'll help pick up the tab! Customers with insurance claims of $1500 or more and who don't have rental coverage qualify for the first 3 days of car rental with Enterprise while their vehicle is in our shop for repairs*, courtesy of us. The repair must be scheduled beforehand we we can ensure a speedy repair. Come in to the shop for an estimate and we'll schedule your repair.


We want your repair process to be hassle free! Call us today 562-426-2639 to schedule your repair and redeem this offer.

* Please note this offer includes a small car rental and does not include optional insurance coverage or upgrades. Offer is 3 days only and repairs may require more time. Repairs must be over $1500 to qualify. Repairs must be booked in prior to drop off. Rental with Enterprise Car Rental with prior reservation only. Full repairs must be authorized by owner or insurance provider. Total losses excluded from offer.

Please understand that 3 days of rental does not mean your car will be ready in 3 days. It is simply our way to help you with your transportation needs.